I Will Screw This Up: A Blog

I Will Screw This Up: A Blog.


In her wonderful book So You Want to Talk About Race, Ijeoma Oluo empathetically assures well-meaning white people who want to wade into the waters of race and all they touch: “You are going to screw this up.”

Hence the blog.

I’ve titled it as such to get this reality out in writing and out of the way.

I will blog here primarily to reflect on my reading on race, and to aggressively interrogate my whiteness and the whiteness of American society. The blog’s intended audience, for that work, is other white folks– and all readers are welcome.

I’ve also given it this title to give myself the space to talk about things alongside race, and that often/always intersect with race. Books, writing, gardening, the environment, climate change, politics, culture, economics, power: I am interested in it all, and promise to screw it all up for you here.

Here are some conversational norms that I deeply respect, created by and used in my workplace. I will abide by these, and if you choose to comment (I thank you in advance) so will you.

I proactively seek and consider diverse voices, ideas and perspectives.
I seek first to understand and then to be understood.
I embrace a mindset that promotes my own and others’ learning.
I address conflict directly, productively, and with compassion.
I seek opportunities to show gratitude and celebration.